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Indena, the olives and the olive extract opextan

Five years of co-research and close cooperation with Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. have brought about the development of OPEXTAN

Documentary Film: Following the entire food chain from the olives to the production of Opextan

  2014 Indena S.p.A.

The olive varieties were screened and selected by Indena, whose botanists pinpointed the best harvesting period and methods to ensure the highest levels of verbascoside and other polyphenols. Indena also managed the process of industrialization, whilst the final efficacy trials were conducted by Kanebo Cosmetics

One of the most characteristic olive polyphenols, Verbascoside, has been used as the reference compound in the manufacture of OPEXTAN. It exerts a free radical scavenging activity which has a direct impact on skin health, preventing oxidative damage associated with wrinkle formation, skin thinning and dehydration. Patents based on the OPEXTAN composition and activity have been filed jointly by Indena and Kanebo Cosmetics.


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