Opextan® overview

Olives and olive polyphenols consumption

Olives and olive oil are part of a good diet. A daily dose for Mediterranean countries is in the range of 30-50g of oil and is corresponding to 18 kg of olives per year per person in Greece, 13 in Italy and 11 in Spain(1).  There is a certain consensus in defining the average polyphenol contents of olive oil as 300 mg/kg even if the richest oils can reach 800-1000mg/kg. The daily consumption of olives polyphenols is therefore ranging from 9 to 50 mg day.

In Italy and in other Mediterranean countries like Spain and Greece, it is also very common to consume olives. In these countries, the average consumption of table olives is about 8 g (two or three fruits) per day, corresponding to a polyphenolic contents of ca. 16 mg (assuming an average polyphenolic content of 0.2% in edible fruits).

Documentary Film on olives: Olive oil tasting © 2014 Indena S.p.A.

A daily intake of 160mg of Opextan® is corresponding to a total intake of at least 16mg of olives polyphenols, therefore, 160mg of Opextan equates to ~ 2-3 table olives, or ~ 50g of an average olive oil.

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